Al Muhaideb Trading & Contracting EST is the capable auxiliary of Bänninger Group, dealing with the business sectors in the Middle East and East Africa. Beginning around 2011 Baenninger Trading is ceaselessly extending by acquiring new items the reach. The emphasis thusly is on European, ideally German items to ensure excellent and a greatest lifetime.

We have the privilege of being the exclusive sellers of Beanninger PPR and distributor of PP-RCT Pipes and Fittings. Beanninger is a well-known manufacturer of Polypropylene pressure pipes and fittings, according to the European and German DIN EN standards for PPR & high-Quality PP-RCT materials, working on a high quality and safety level since 1970 and they provide first-class MEP Products based on pure raw materials for perfect installation for the users of our products.

All items are manufactured in Germany.
Compared to PE, PPR has higher rigidity, particularly in the upper temperature range. The high resistance to chemicals and good long-term properties compared to many other materials, even at high temperatures, are characteristic for PPR.

PPR (Polypropylene-Random-Copolymerisate) with high molecular weight and high-heat stabilized, RAL 6017 May green.

Baenninger PPR the new generation crystalline structure (Beta nucleated) is meeting the requirements of ISO 1043-1, DIN 8077/8078 Group 4, EN ISO 15874.
  • DIN EN ISO 15874
  • DVGW (German Association for Gas and Water Applications).
  • Corresponds to the KTW recommendation of the Federal Environmental Agency (UBA).

Baenninger produces all fittings and pipes in the range d20 up to d32.
All fittings are injection molded type only and therefore fully pressure rated.

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