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Al Muhaideb Baenninger

It was audited that Bänninger (B-R) meets the requirements according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

We are exclusive sellers of Baenninger PPR and distributor of PP-RCT Pipes and Fittings , Made in Germany.

About Us

Bänninger is a well-known manufacturer of Polypropylene pressure pipes and fittings. Al muhaideb is an exclusive seller of Baenninger PPR and distributor of PP RCT Pipes & Fittings in UAE. Bänninger’s pipes are made according to the European and German DIN EN standards for PP-R & high-Quality PP-RCT materials, Working on a high quality and safety level since 1970 and they provide first-class products based on pure raw materials for perfect installation for the users of our products. Their pipes and fittings are tested and fully certified by independent third-party institutes worldwide.

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CEO and Co-Founder


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